Teen rhinoplasty surgery can help improve your child’s appearance

teenteen rhinoplasty surgery - Charlotte, NC

teen rhinoplasty surgery – Charlotte, NC

The facts about teen rhinoplasty surgery

Teens request rhinoplasty surgery more than any other facial plastic surgery procedure.  They may desire the procedure for a number of reasons, including changing the shape or size of their nose, balancing their facial features or repairing a breathing or respiratory problem.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte NC’s best facial plastic surgeon is an expert in performing teen rhinoplasty surgery.   Dr. Freeman does not recommend teen rhinoplasty surgery until the nose is fully formed, typically around age 14 to 15 for women and age 16 to 18 for men.

Desired outcomes from teen rhinoplasty surgery

Since rhinoplasty surgery refines the shape of the nose, bringing it into balance with the other facial features, teen rhinoplasty can be especially helpful for restoring a teen’s self-confidence at the same time improving their appearance.  Rhinoplasty patients, especially younger teen patients should always have clear, realistic goals and a clear understanding of just what is possible with teen rhinoplasty surgery.

Consultation with Dr. Freeman

Before any teen rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Freeman will meet with both the teen and their parents to discuss the details of the procedure and evaluate the teen for surgery.  Dr. Freeman will perform the teen rhinoplasty surgery in his state-of-the-art operating suite at his Charlotte NC clinic.

The teen rhinoplasty procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Freeman will make a small incision within the nose allowing Dr. Freeman access and visibility into the internal structure.  Most of Dr. Freeman’s patients do not need nasal packing and will see most of the swelling and bruising disappear within ten days.

Dr. M. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon. His expertise and skill make him Charlotte’s best choice for teen rhinoplasty surgery.