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A rhinoplasty provides many benefits

Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Rhinoplasty – Charlotte, NC

How a rhinoplasty can improve the appearance

People who consider a rhinoplasty may be unhappy with their appearance or the shape or size of their nose.  Whatever their reason, people who opt for a rhinoplasty by Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty surgeon can expect to realize a number of benefits, from the emotional to the physical.

Better facial balance

Increasing or reducing the size of the nose may help balance a person’s facial features.  One of the firs things Dr. Freeman will do during the rhinoplasty consultation appointment is use digital imaging software to show his patient how different styles and shapes of noses will look on their face.  Modifying the shape of the nose may also help an individual appear younger.

Better nasal function

A rhinoplasty may provide significant benefits if a patient has breathing problems. Dr. Freeman will evaluate each patient to determine which facial plastic procedures will most benefit their situation.  Dr. Freeman has more than twenty years of experience in facial plastic surgery and can recommend the best options for each patient.

Increased self-confidence

If a patient has been thinking about rhinoplasty for several years, they often discover they feel much better about their appearance and life in general following the procedure.  There are even studies which suggest that rhinoplasty patients may experience an increase in happiness and self-esteem following rhinoplasty surgery.  One of the best ways to ensure a patient is happy with the results of their rhinoplasty is for each patient to have realistic expectations from this facial plastic surgery procedure.  Dr. Freeman meets with every patient and discusses the rhinoplasty procedure and what the patient should expect following surgery.  If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, call Dr. Freeman today for a consultation appointment.

A facial plastic surgery procedure such as SOOF lift blepharoplasty can help improve self-confidence

Facial plastic surgery procedures such as a SOOF lift blepharoplasty can help boost self-esteem

soof lift blepharoplasty - Charlotte NC

soof lift blepharoplasty – Charlotte NC

Of the more than ten million cosmetic procedures performed each year in the United States, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty are the most popular.  In Charlotte NC, Dr. M. Sean Freeman performs an innovative type of facial plastic surgery called the SOOF lift blepharoplasty which he developed and perfected.  Dr. Freeman uses this procedure to renew the patient’s youthful appearance with surgical renovation of the lower eye lid area.

Well worth the effort

Dr. Freeman’s goal is to provide each patient incredibly natural results.  His patients never look like they have “had work” with that plastic appearance.   This is one of the reasons Dr. Freeman’s patients are some of his best leads for new patients.  They refer their friends and family.  Studies show that a patient’s quality of life and self-esteem improve when they are happy with their appearance.  Rhinoplasty or nose jobs, eye lid lifts or blepharoplasty, including SOOF lift blepharoplasty, and face lifts are some of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures and result in the highest levels of satisfaction.

Patients should have realistic expectations

Dr. Freeman spends a great deal of time educating each patient on the realistic expectations from their facial plastic surgery procedure.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon.  He has specialized in facial plastic surgery for more than twenty years.  His expertise and experience have allowed him to develop and perfect several innovative facial plastic surgery techniques such as the SOOF lift blepharoplasty.

Refresh your appearance with Botox


As an anti-aging treatment

Rhinoplasty and Botox Charlotte NC - Dr. Freeman's Makeover

Rhinoplasty Charlotte NC – Dr. Freeman’s Makeover

Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon believes Botox can effectively fight off early signs of aging.   Dr. Freeman performs Botox injections to relax the facial muscles which create wrinkles.  This lessens the appearance of laugh lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles.

Fighting crow’s feet

Many of us have begun to notice the spider web of lines around our eyes, especially when we smile.  While many consider smile lines to be a sign that they’ve led a happy life, others want to fight them off before they become deeply embedded crow’s feet.  Botox is very effective against crow’s feet, relaxing the muscles which form smile lines.

Fight frown lines

Botox is very good against those pesky lines that form on your forehead when you frown.  Many of us wrinkle our forehead unconsciously when we listen or concentrate. Eventually, these wrinkles become permanent.  This is where Botox can help.  Botox relaxes and freezes the muscles in the forehead prohibiting wrinkles from happening.

The procedure

Dr. Freeman performs all Botox procedures at his state-of-the-art clinic in Charlotte NC, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery.  He will meet with each patient for an initial consultation to determine the best treatments for each patient’s individual situation.   If Botox is the selected procedure, Dr. Freeman will inject a small amount of Botox into the muscles creating the problem.  In effect, Botox deactivates those muscles producing wrinkles, dramatically reducing wrinkle lines.  For more information or to schedule your Botox treatment, call Dr. Freeman’s Charlotte NC clinic today.

Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon talks about teen rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Rhinoplasty – Charlotte, NC

The most requested facial plastic surgery among teens is rhinoplasty

Most teens spend a great deal of time in front of the mirror experimenting with makeup, hairstyles, and fashion.  Some of these teens are deeply unhappy or dissatisfied with what they see in that mirror and turn to plastic surgery to help.  One of these procedures is rhinoplasty, a procedure designed to improve the shape and appearance of the nose.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon performs more teen rhinoplasty surgery procedures than anyone else in the Southeast United States.

The right age

Dr. Freeman recommends that a teen’s nose be fully formed before any type of facial plastic surgery is performed.  This is usually around age 14 to 16 for females and age 16 to 18 for males.  Before surgery, Dr. Freeman meets with the teen and their family and spends a great deal of time explaining the surgery and discussing the teen’s goals.  Dr. Freeman uses state-of-the-art imaging to help the teen imagine how their new nose shape will look and the best way to achieve harmony and balance among their facial features.

The rhinoplasty procedure

Dr. Freeman is board-certified in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery).  Most teen rhinoplasty procedures are performed in Dr. Freeman’s Charlotte NC clinic, The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery.  Most patients require no nasal packing and will have moderate bruising from seven to ten days following surgery.  Patients typically return to a normal schedule within one week after surgery.  If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, call Dr. Freeman’s Charlotte NC clinic to schedule a consultation appointment.

Should you get a minituck or a full facelift?

Minituck in Charlotte, NC

Minituck – Charlotte, NC

Which procedure is right for you: minituck or full facelift?

Both the full facelift and the minituck target signs of aging on the face.  Heredity, gravity, sun exposure, and personal habits can all age a person’s face.  Results from this type of procedure can range from mild to very dramatic and depend upon the individual’s appearance and the effects of aging prior to the procedure.  Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman does both a minituck and a full facelift, along with a variety of other facial plastic surgery procedures designed to help improve appearance.

The procedure

During a full facelift, sagging and loose skin along the neck and lower jaw line are removed.  This improves the appearance of the face, making it appear more youthful and rested.  Dr. Freeman also performs his SignatureLift, a procedure very similar to the weekend facelift and minituck.  This procedure is generally performed on younger patients who are not ready for a full facelift.  The SignatureLift can also help those patients who underwent a full facelift in the past and who are beginning to see new signs of aging.   With Dr. Freeman’s SignatureLift minituck, patients will see a more youthful-looking jowl and neck area.

Important considerations

Dr. Freeman performs both his SignatureLift and a full facelift at his state-of-the-art clinic in Charlotte NC.  Dr. Freeman’s primary goal with any facial plastic surgery procedure is to provide the patient with the best natural-looking results possible.  Call today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Freeman and discuss which procedure, the minituck or full facelift is right for you.

Turn back the hands of time with facial plastic surgery

Facial Implants in Charlotte, NC

Facial Implants – Charlotte, NC

A good way to help reverse the signs of aging is through facial plastic surgery

As each year passes, facial wrinkles can become deeper and new lines may begin to appear.  Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman can perform a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures to help reduce or eliminate these wrinkles.

There are several types of facial wrinkles

Static wrinkles form when the skin loses its elasticity.  Dr. Freeman may recommend treatments which increase the skin’s thickness or remove damaged skin.  Dr. Freeman may also use laser treatment to treat these types of wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles are caused when the facial muscles contract.  Dynamic wrinkles typically form between the eyebrows, on the cheeks and across the forehead.  Dr. Freeman may recommend a variety of facial plastic surgery treatments to treat dynamic wrinkles, including include eyelid surgery, a brow lift, or Botox injections.

Wrinkle folds are formed when the underlying facial structures begin to sag causing deep grooves between the mouth and the nose.  Dr. Freeman may recommend one of several types of facelifts, a neck lift or a cheek lift.  Depending upon the severity of the wrinkle folds, Dr. Freeman may recommend skin rejuvenation injections or implants.  These can help plump up the areas of the wrinkle folds improving their appearance.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman

Dr. Freeman always meets with patients for a consultation appointment before recommending any type of facial plastic surgery.  This evaluation helps Dr. Freeman determine the best facial plastic surgery treatments for each individual patient.  Call Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon today to schedule your consultation.

A facelift can help you look younger

Facelift in Charlotte, NC

Facelift – Charlotte, NC

The important facts about a facelift

A facelift is a facial plastic surgery procedure where a doctor removes excess facial fat, tightens facial muscles, and redrapes the skin of the face.  When loose skin on the neck or sagging skin around the jaw line becomes too unflattering or noticeable, a facelift can help.  There are facial plastic surgery treatments which can smooth surface wrinkles, however only a facelift can tighten jowls, sagging facial skin, loose skin and double chins.   Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon performs facelifts on both men and women.

The best candidates for a facelift

You should have realistic expectations for your facelift procedure.  It may help restore your self-esteem and make you feel more confident about your appearance.  The best candidates for a facelift are in good health, have realistic expectation about the surgery, are psychologically stable, and have good bone structure and skin elasticity.

During your consultation appointment, Dr. Freeman will ask about your medical history.  It is important to be honest so Dr. Freeman has all the necessary information to determine the best facial plastic surgery treatment for your situation.  Tell Dr. Freeman is you have any problems with your health, including problems with blood clotting or high blood pressure, any allergies or if you smoke or use drugs.

Dr. M. Sean Freeman is considered the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC.  He has more than twenty years of experience performing facial plastic surgery and provides each patient with individualized care and treatment.  Call Dr. Freeman today to schedule your consultation appointment to see if a face lift is right for you.