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Minituck – Charlotte, NC

Specialized proceures

A good facial plastic surgeon should offer a number of surgical and nonsurgical treatments, like laser tattoo removal. Focusing a laser can cause the ink particles to break up and be flushed into the bloodstream, getting rid of the tattoo without harming the skin. The port wine stain can also be treated using pulsed dye laser treatments, provided the patient doesn’t have a tan at the time. Specialized surgical procedures include SOOF lift blepharoplasty and the deep plane minituck.

The difference between a minituck and a regular facelift is that a regular facelift is for patients with a lot of sagging skin under the jaw, whereas those who just have a little sagging around the midface area can often make do with a minituck. In a deep plane minituck, the surgeon makes an incision around the ear, lifts the connective tissue under the skin of the cheeks and releases the ligaments. The surgeon may also lift the malar pad, which is the fatty tissue inside the upper cheek. This procedure lets the face look younger rather than unnatural.

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The deep plane minituck is a very challenging form of surgery to perform, and not every surgeon can do it well. The best surgeon to go to for a deep plane minituck in the Charlotte area is Dr. Sean Freeman. If you need a minituck or some other specialized cosmetic procedure, schedule your appointment today or ask for an online consultation to get a discount on the consultation fee.