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Only Faces offers the most experience in specialized Facial Plastic Surgery in the Charlotte, N.C area.

Dr. Freeman in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Freeman – Charlotte, NC

Are you interested in Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Freeman of Only Faces has been specializing in facial plastic surgery since 1988. He has worked to refine the techniques used in a number of the procedures commonly used for plastic surgery. These refinements improve both the results of the procedures and the client experience, often reducing recovery time and making the procedures as non-invasive as possible.

There are a variety of services offered by Charlotte’s experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon. These include rhinoplasty, facelifts or minitucks, brow lifts, eyelid surgery, lip enhancements, facial implants, neck lifts, otoplasty and scar revisions. A consultation in the Charlotte, N.C office of Only Faces with Dr. Freeman and his associates will allow you to discuss your options and decide which of the procedures will have the results you are looking for.

While Dr. Freeman offers a number of surgical procedures, there are also non-invasive procedures that can be used for smaller adjustments or for more temporary results. These include Botox injections, CO2 laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, laser aesthetic procedures, lip augmentation and liquid facelifts. These procedures are effective but their results are often temporary and more subtle.

Client care and satisfaction are incredibly important to Dr. Freeman and his staff at Only Faces. Their goal is to help their clients achieve the look they want by employing the best procedure for each specific patient.

If you would like to work with the most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon in Charlotte, NC contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces to setup your consultation today.