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Best nose job surgeon in Charlotte, NC and why

Best nose job surgeon in Charlotte, NC and why

Best nose job surgeon is a very delicate field of profession, which is why in Charlotte, NC if you want to undergo a nose job, you have to delicately approach it. The nose job has to be an experienced and skilled professional to avoid complications. Another popular name for the procedure is Rhinoplasty. Speaking of the cost, it is not so expensive. The procedure is done with the aid of anesthesia, so you would not be awake all through.

What does a nose job involve?

What exactly does the best nose job surgeon do when you contact them in Charlotte, NC?

  • Nose reduction: If you feel that your nose size is too big, you can contact a nose job surgeon to reduce it. They achieve this by removing some cartilage or some bones in the nose.
  • Augmentation of the nose: Augmentation involves increasing the nose size. The rhinoplasty surgeon uses the grafting method by taking cartilage from other body parts such as the ear or bones form the elbow, such that it does not affect you in any way. They, in turn, add it to rebuild your nose to a larger size.
  • Nose reshaping: This involves total reshaping of the nose. The nose job surgeon does that by breaking some of the bones in the nose and making some rearrangements to the cartilages.
  • Changing the nose angle: The nose angle has to do more with the nose tips. The nose job surgeon will make the nose point straight as it should be.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Here is a categorization of rhinoplasty according to the way the best nose job surgeon conducts the surgery. The way the surgeon will do the surgery depends on how complicated your case is. Here is a broad division:

  • Open Rhinoplasty: As the name implies, open rhinoplasty, for more complicated cases, involves cutting the nose open. There will be more visible scars, post the surgery and swellings, which would later heal over time. Open rhinoplasty is mostly done for total nose reshaping.
  • Closed rhinoplasty: In closed rhinoplasty, as the name implies, there is no open cut. The surgeon does all the operations without splitting the nose open. For this type, you don’t get any scar visible scar after the procedure because everything is internal. There would not be many swellings either. The process can be done for nose reduction surgery.

Getting the best facial surgeon in Charlotte, NC

If you reside in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas, you should seek quality services of you want to do a nose job surgery. It will be best if you contact Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to find which the best procedure for you is and how to proceed.