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Nose job in Charlotte;quick facts and explanation of a rhinoplasty

Nose job in Charlotte;quick facts and explanation of a rhinoplasty

Nose job surgery which is otherwise known as rhinoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the nose about its size, shape, and symmetry. The result that is sought after is the proportionality of the nose which is supposed to stand out among other facial features. A patient or client undertakes to go for a nose surgery either for cosmetic reasons (facial beauty) or to address breathing conditions and deformities caused by the size, shape, or position of the nose.


Types of nose surgery

There are different types of nose jobs, it all boils down to which one the plastic surgeon chooses and whether the technique will provide the patient with his or her desired outcome. The anatomy of a patient’s nose is also a determinant in choosing the type and technique to be used for the surgery.


Open rhinoplasty

The nose job surgeon starts the surgery by making a small incision beneath the nose, around the tip, and in between the nostrils. when the surgeon gets access to the entire nasal structure, he can then reshape it according to specification. The open rhinoplasty gives room for extensive procedures to be carried out on the nose and at the same time tries to keep possible scars invisible. It is popular a popular type of nose jobs.


Closed rhinoplasty

This is the second type of nose job. The surgeon begins the surgical procedure by making an incision from within, in that case, a significant opening is not required. The technique is common for patients that have minor adjustments need. A close nose job is highly recommended when the need of the patient is a minor issue, in this way complications that come with extensive procedures are prevented.


Tip rhinoplasty

In the nose job, is the third type of rhinoplasty.It is precise and does not need to touch other nasal structures unless it has to. A nose job using the tip plastic procedure can either be an open procedure or a closed one.


Who is the right candidate for a nose job?

Nose jobs are suitable for girls that are fourteen years old and above, while the age recommended for boys is sixteen. These are the recommended ages.


Finding the best nose surgeon in Charlotte

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