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Charlotte’s nose job surgeon explains the costs involved in rhinoplasty

Charlotte’s nose job surgeon explains the costs involved in rhinoplasty

Charlotte’s nose job surgeon provides insight into the rhinoplasty costs

Charlotte’s nose job surgeon recommends that patients take the time to understand everything about the procedure, including costs. There is usually a surgeon’s fee, facility fee,  anesthesia fees and more expenses incurred by patients undergoing rhinoplasty. Anesthesia costs range from $600 to $1100, with the facility fee falling between $700 and $1100. The total average cost of rhinoplasty is between $5000 and $15,000.  Other pricing factors also come into play, like the extent of the procedure, your state, and your plastic surgeon.

The extent of the procedure

For instance, some patients only require a slight surgical reshaping of the nose, while others want a complete change in shape. The former needs less surgical time, lowering the cost. As expected, a more complex and lengthy procedure will be costlier. The numbers quickly add up when you incorporate an overnight stay. But in most cases, rhinoplasty is conducted as an outpatient procedure. Minimal changes can take one to one and a half hours, with more extensive changes taking two to four hours. Those who wish to undergo revision rhinoplasty will find it costlier than the first procedure. They are more intricate, and a lot has to be considered.

Where you live

Your state also affects the price tag. The rhinoplasty costs vary from one city to another and between less populated regions and large metropolitan areas. Also, two facilities in one area can charge differently for their rhinoplasty procedures.

Surgeon’s skill and training

This can significantly affect the cost. A highly qualified, certified surgeon with years of experience and expertise can request a higher fee than their less experienced counterparts. While it may look costly upfront, it is worth every dollar. It guarantees peace of mind and incorporates the most suitable techniques to achieve the best possible results. It’s advisable not to choose a surgeon based on their costs only to end up with an unsatisfactory outcome. This may call for a revision, which even costs more.

Are financing plans available for rhinoplasty procedures?

Worry no more if the cost of the procedure prevents you from acquiring your desired aesthetics. Most surgeons have financing plans, including flexible monthly plans.

Can health insurance cover rhinoplasty?

Insurance can cover corrective nasal surgery for breathing and appearance if you’ve had a great nasal trauma in the past. Most often, insurance does not cover rhinoplasty to alter the nose appearance, especially with no history of trauma. In case there is a functional element like breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum or other cause, your insurance plan may cover that part of the surgery.

Choose Charlotte’s best nose job surgeon

Do you think you are a perfect candidate for a nose job? Considering a highly qualified and certified surgeon is crucial for optimal results. Work with Charlotte’s best nose job surgeon to avoid surgery going wrong. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.