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Top nose job surgery in Charlotte NC: how safe is a rhinoplasty

Top nose job surgery in Charlotte NC: how safe is a rhinoplasty

Nose job surgery and the risks, is it safe?


A nose job surgery can be one of the best facial surgeries that can be recommended for anyone that is interested in changing how they look, especially if they are not happy with the profile and symmetry of their nose. Your surgeon can make your transformation subtle and effective at the same time by affecting the overall contour of your face. Nose surgery is the most sought-after and popular cosmetic procedure, but just how safe is it?

Nose job risks

There is no surgical procedure that is completely safe with absolutely no risks involved and no complications. The potential risks and hazards to your health should always be considered since this procedure is invasive. There are still dangers if the procedure is not done properly, but it can be considered safe when done by an experienced professional. Here are some risks that your surgeon will discuss with you during your consultation before your surgery.



It is unusual to experience after your surgery, but bleeding is possible. You should go to the emergency room to stop any bleeding if you are experiencing any after your surgery. This can be caused by high blood pressure, if your blood pressure is uncontrolled, before your surgery, you must use your medications to get it under control. Don’t use any drugs that cause bleeding, such as aspirin, for ten days before and after your surgery.



It is uncommon to experience an infection after rhinoplasty surgery, however, it will need to be treated with either antibiotics or hospitalization.



Just like every other surgery, rhinoplasty can create a scar, however, the incision that is made during a nose job procedure will be very invisible and short. So it’s not necessary to have any worries about scarring.


Skin sensation change

It is common, for a short time, to experience a loss of sensation in your skin. This is completely unpredictable.



After your nose job procedure, you may need to take medications to help drain the fluids under your skin.


Allergic reactions

Any reactions to the tapes, blood products, and suture materials may occur. This can be treated with medications.


How safe is nose job surgery?

Your overall health needs to be a priority no matter what your final goal is, and no matter how balanced or small you want your nose to be. Many surgeons will say that rhinoplasty surgery is a very safe procedure compared to other plastic surgery procedures. It is true, that most nose job procedures can be free of complications, it won’t be too difficult for your surgeon to let you know of the medical risk factors of the procedure as well as the possible side effects of a nose job. Your medical history, the type of procedure that you are having, and your surgeon’s experience will affect the safety of your surgery.


Top rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte NC

A nose job surgery in Charlotte NC will only be considered to be safe if you follow all of your surgeon’s advice and precautions. As a patient, you should understand the potential risks and side effects of the surgery, even though the procedure can be problem-free.


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