Facelift or Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC

Facelift or Facial plastic surgery – Charlotte, NC

Many types of facial plastic surgery

The three most common types of facial plastic surgery are rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and face lifts. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States seek out these procedures every year. If you feel that one of them is right for you, ask a professional facial plastic surgeon.

Another type of facial plastic surgery is lip enhancement. Other procedures are neck lifts, otoplasty, facial implants and malar pad lifts. Deciding which procedure is right in your case is something only an experienced facial plastic surgeon can do. A neck lift removes loose skin and fat under the jaw. Otoplasty corrects excess protrusion of the ears, and can be performed on children. Facial implants improve the chin and cheeks. A malar pad lift elevates the pads of fat under the skin of the cheeks.

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While some of these procedures must be done in an operating room and need several weeks of recovery afterward, others can be performed in the office of the surgeon and need only a few days of recovery time. Do not settle for treatment offered at a discount. These are often performed by unqualified personnel, with poor results. Fortunately, there are facial plastic surgeons who know how to improve on the work of other surgeons, although you may need some recovery time before seeking them out. If you want to spend money to improve your appearance, find a surgeon with a known reputation and a gallery of before and after photographs of patients.

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