Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Rhinoplasty – Charlotte, NC

Different noses, different nose jobs

In 2014, 150,000 people underwent rhinoplasty. Common reasons for a nose job are to reduce a nasal hump, change the size of the tip of the nose or the direction it points, or repair a deviated septum — but every nose job is different. To change the shape of the nose, the surgeon remolds the bone and cartilage under the skin. To get the best result, the incisions of rhinoplasty are usually done inside the nose, where no one can see them. But sometimes an incision is needed in the outside skin.

Charlottes most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

A good rhinoplasty surgeon will examine your nose, use computer imaging to display various possible outcomes of the procedure so you can describe precisely how you want your nose to look when the surgery is done, and develop a custom procedure to achieve these particular results. Look for a surgeon with a big gallery of before and after photographs of nose jobs, and one who has a state-of-the-art suite for operations.

Dr. M. Sean Freeman is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte. He has been certified by two different boards of surgery. Since 1988 he has concentrated on his speciality — facial plastic surgery, including nose jobs. Many of his patients have already gotten nose jobs from other surgeons and are seeking revision rhinoplasty to improve them. If you live in or near Charlotte and want a nose job, schedule your appointment or online consultation with Charlottes top rhinoplasty surgeon today.

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