Rhinoplasty can be otherwise known as a nose job. It is a surgery performed on the nose either for cosmetic reasons or medical problems. This medical procedure can enhance your natural beauty if done for aesthetic reasons. It will significantly improve your facial features. The best nose job surgery experts can examine you and describe changes that will make you look fantastic.  On the other hand, you could also feel the need for surgery due to medical conditions. Nose disfigurement and difficult breathing are two reasons why people could need a nose job. A nose job is ideal for people who are healthy and have no underlying health issues. Aging can also affect the nose’s skin and make it look longer. Undergoing a nose job can help address this. If you feel a need to have a nose job for any reason, you can contact the best rhinoplasty surgery experts in Charlotte, NC.There are two ways that nose job experts can perform the surgery. They include:

  • Closed method: The surgeon will not create any external incision. This technique will make you heal faster as the internal tissues are not disturbed.
  • Open method: In this method, the surgeon will make an incision in the skin dividing the two nostrils. This way, the surgeon gets to see the nose’s structure internally and reconstruct perfectly. The scar from this technique is small and disappears quickly. However, you will need more time to heal.

A nose job will solve any medical or cosmetic problem with your facial appearance. If you feel inclined to get a nose job in Charlotte, NC,  feel free to reach out to “Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon” Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.

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