Rhinoplasty has become a trend across the world. A lot of people have had a nose job in order to curb certain problems or to beautify their facial appearances. The procedure is done to correct breathing problems that are caused by external trauma or structural defects. It is also done for beautiful aesthetics purposes which means to enhance one’s beauty, considering the fact that the nose is a striking feature of the face.

What a rhinoplasty does

Rhinoplasty or nose job does have a lot of functions it seeks or aims to achieve. Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose tip for good shape, proportion, and position. It is also used for the reduction of extremely big noses. Rhinoplasty resizes the nose to provide facial balance. It narrows or widens the width of the nose at the bridge, thereby increasing or reducing the size of the nostrils as is the case maybe.

Rhinoplasty has to be skillfully performed, in order to achieve this one must seek the help of a professional or expert. When an unprofessional handles this delicate procedure the chances of deformity and difficulty of breathing might occur, which will then cause frustration on the part of the patient.

The most common type of nose surgery

A “nose job” has different types of procedures but the most common one is the “open Rhinoplasty”. The procedure involves the making of a small incision between the nostrils, after which skin is removed from the substructures, after that the cartilage is then adjusted. The skin is now carefully laid back in its place.

What to expect, and what to do during recovery

Rhinoplasty surgery tends to cause mild pain to moderate pain and discomfort to patients. However, this pain can be effectively controlled or regulated with the use of medication

Patients should endeavor to make use of splints on the outside of the nose and also on the inner part of the nose for a duration of at least one week after the surgery. The advantage of wearing splints is that it helps to protect the nasal bones and cartilages.  Also, patients are to avoid the use of glasses for a minimum of four to five weeks after the surgery.

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