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Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist explains traveling after a nose job

Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist explains traveling after a nose job

A rhinoplasty specialist recommends traveling after you recover fully

Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist understands the need to travel for work and as a hobby. For most patients, traveling is a lifestyle and they would want to get back on with their lives as soon as they have had the nose job done. You may wish to limit your travel after your rhinoplasty treatment for a variety of reasons, including splints, stitches, and sinus pressure. After a rhinoplasty, are you actually prohibited from boarding an airplane? Following nose surgery, the following time ranges are for when you can drive or fly in an airplane.


A nose job is a crucial facial surgery treatment. After that, your body will need time to heal. After the treatment, you will often have a splint, bandage, and sutures on your nose. Naturally, you might wish to use contacts during your rhinoplasty recuperation if you typically wear glasses. The first several weeks will see some bruising and swelling. It is advised that you take an Uber, taxi, or ride-share with a friend. You can find it more challenging to see the road if there is swelling. For the majority of patients, a week off from work is necessary to fully recuperate. Although it is advised, driving is not strictly forbidden.


On the other side, you are not allowed to take a flight for around a week. The connection between your brain and nasal passages is the source of the issue. As you are aware, an airplane’s pressurized cabin causes your ears to pop during takeoff. In the first week following rhinoplasty surgery, this intense pressure on your nose, sinuses, ear, and brain could be agonizing and harm your organs. You may want to wait longer if you have common sinus issues. Your sinuses are unable to adapt to the change in air pressure. That obviously includes scuba diving. After the second week, you can start flying again.

Resuming normal travel

Allow yourself some rest. After your rhinoplasty treatment, a staycation might be advisable. Rhinoplasty recuperation takes time, but if done correctly, the results can be amazing. Talk to our board-certified rhinoplasty surgeons about any worries you may have. Tell us if you are employed by an airline. Our rhinoplasty specialists offer all the information you require. Your rhinoplasty recuperation should go as smoothly as possible. You are free to resume your travels after a few weeks. You should possibly wait three weeks before engaging in intense exercise. You will increase blood flow before that, which could prevent your wounds from healing properly.

Find Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist

Traveling after a rhinoplasty procedure can be tricky, so wait until you are fully recovered. Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte for the best results. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.