Rhinoplasty Specialists can reposition a displeasing nose angle. If the angle between the forehead and the nose is too sharp, the nose may appear short. If this angle is too shallow, the nose may appear long. The angle of your nose about your upper lip also affects the overall appearance of your nose. Your rhinoplasty specialist will examine your nose from every angle and create a personalized plan to restore natural-looking angles for a more attractive nose.

Nose shaping nose job

Rhinoplasty specialists say some patients are dissatisfied with the shape of their noses. For example, a nose may be unusually flat, hooked, or prominent. A rhinoplasty specialist can refine the shape of the nose so that it has an attractive, natural definition. Rhinoplasty specialists can built-up a nose that is too wide. Through nose surgery, the bridge will be reinforced so that the nose is narrower in the front and has a greater projection from the profile.

Fix the tip of your nose

Rhinoplasty specialist says that the tip of the nose is a great concern for many rhinoplasty patients. Whether the nasal tip is ill-defined, hooked, droopy, bulbous, or upturned, rhinoplasty can normalize its appearance so that your nose looks more natural, well-defined, and balanced.

Fix nose indentations or depressions

Rhinoplasty specialists say that indentations or depressions along the nasal bridge especially can be the result of injuries or genetic abnormalities. Rhinoplasty specialists can fill out these indentations to create a smoother and more defined bridge.

Challenges of nose job surgery

Rhinoplasty is a very detailed procedure and the ultimate outcome depends to a great extent on how your skin heals. Improvement and not perfection is actually the goal.

Rhinoplasty specialists can help you achieve your desired nose shape or form. We believe in making our clients feel comfortable, respected, and ensuring them that we have their best interests and goals in mind. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which is the best procedure for you, and how to proceed.

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