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Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Freeman, is in Charlotte, NC

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Freeman, is in Charlotte, NC

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon defines rhinoplasty as the procedure of reshaping the nose and restoring nasal function.  Rhinoplasty surgery is popular nowadays. The procedure helps to enhance the nose and improve facial appearance.


Benefits of rhinoplasty surgery 

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons say that choosing to have nose surgery is something that both women and men decide for a variety of reasons. Many people consider getting a rhinoplasty purely cosmetic, but the truth is that there are other benefits to the procedure as well.


Rhinoplasty can help patients with breathing issues, and in certain conditions, reshaping the nose corrects sinus problems. Dr. Sean Freeman, our board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to discuss this with you in detail if you suffer from these problems.


What should you expect during rhinoplasty recovery?

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon will advise that it’s important to, first of all, understand that it can take up to a year for the swelling to completely subside and the final shape of the new nose to emerge. Most patients will see a gradual change in appearance over the first few weeks as the tissues heal, and the swelling continues to disappear.


Pain and swelling will be very pronounced in the first-week post-surgery, and the patient will likely have some bruising and tenderness on the cheeks and under the eyes for a week or two, but this typically heals.


Also, the surgeon will give specific and detailed post-operative instructions. This includes post-op care, medication schedules, and concerns to monitor. Following these directions will give the patient the best possible outcome.


Frequently asked questions after a rhinoplasty 


Are the results right away?

Most patients see initial results after a month or so. However, the final nose shape may not be completely visible for up to a year after the surgery.


Can I go back right after the surgery to my daily routine?

This depends and varies from one patient to another, but most people can return to work and light activity after three weeks. Those with strenuous jobs may need a longer recovery period before they can be able to return to work.


How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

You are trusting this person with your appearance, so you’ll want to make this decision carefully. Choose a certified and well-experienced surgeon.


Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon- Dr. Freeman

Always choose a surgeon who is a board-certified Plastic Surgery for a safe rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Sean Freeman is a well-experienced and certified surgeon in Charlotte. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what eye lift procedure is right for you. Call us today!