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Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman of Only Faces, creates harmony and balance for faces.

Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman of Only Faces, creates harmony and balance for faces.

Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman of Only Faces:

Best charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon is needed for your nose job. Pull out your phone or computer and Google it!  We are a society of research junkies! And Dr. Freeman at Only Faces in Charlotte could not be more pleased.  When you search for the best, he comes up at the top! Yes, rhinoplasty is simply a Nose Job, but there is nothing simple about it.  Read the Testimonials from Dr. Freeman’s patients, and you will find phrases like these: “..results far exceeded my expectations.., …a truly gifted artist and surgeon…, and ..I attribute the very mild side effects and easy recovery to Dr. Freeman’s surgical skill…”

In both 2015 and 2016, the online cosmetic surgery forum, rating Dr. Freeman as a TOP Facial Surgeon, had this to say, “Facial plastic surgery patients, in Charlotte and other surrounding areas, trust Dr. Sean Freeman for exceptional results and superior quality of care. He’s committed to education, and he makes sure that each patient is fully informed about every aspect of his or her procedure.”


Underneath the Rhinoplasty Doctor lies the Rhinoplasty Artist:

In the medical specialty called rhinoplasty, Dr. Freeman enjoys the respect of rhinoplasty surgeons all over the country.  He is considered the Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the Southeast.  But here is the real reason you want to choose Dr. Freeman for your rhinoplasty: he considers rhinoplasty to be the most artistic of all the procedures he performs and prides himself on providing naturally beautiful results that blend with the patient’s other facial features.  His goal in any surgery is harmony and balance. Aren’t those twowords often used when describing great art?

Modern artist Matt Shlian says that to be great, “A piece of art needs to connect.” That is exactly how Dr. Freeman approaches rhinoplasty, using his vast knowledge and training in rhinoplasty surgical skills to create a face that is harmonious, natural, and where all the many parts of the face blend to create a beautiful visage.

Federico Fellini, a famous film director (La Dolce Vita), put it this way, “All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”  It is not difficult to imagine Dr. Freeman looking at his patients’ faces as canvases and using his exceptional gifts to create pearls.


The Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeon specializes in just that- only your face:

Rhinoplasty is a decision made with care.  The best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Freeman, is double-board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology (ENT) and the American Board of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery.  He has been a pioneer in the uses of lasers and endoscopes to lessen the negative effects of surgery. He has invented advanced surgical techniques to meet the unique needs of each patient.  He is recognized for those achievements, but most impressive is that he has spent his entire career sharing his knowledge and teaching his techniques to others.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.