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Best rhinoplasty revision surgeon in Charlotte, NC

Best rhinoplasty revision surgeon in Charlotte, NC

Best rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for many reasons. The nose is a complex structure with an obvious position in the middle of one’s face. Expert rhinoplasty requires correcting nasal deformities while preserving maximal nasal function.


Best rhinoplasty revision for patients

The best rhinoplasty revision is often sought for by many patients or a secondary rhinoplasty challenges the skills and experience of plastic surgeons. Revision rhinoplasty applies to any patient who has previously undergone rhinoplasty once or more and desires an improvement in the appearance or function of the nose. These are among the most difficult cases aesthetic plastic surgeons face for several reasons.


First, a patient might be unhappy with prior surgery and may not understand that further rhinoplasty may not be successful in completely correcting cosmetic deformities which were not corrected in the last surgery.  Also, revision rhinoplasty often requires the use of cartilage to replace damaged and/or deficient cartilage removed in the prior surgery.


What is done in the best rhinoplasty revision?

The best rhinoplasty revision sometimes requires cartilage for structural support for the tip and/or bridge of the nose. Septal cartilage is often deficient and plastic surgeons sometimes need to choose cartilage from elsewhere in the body, particularly the ear and occasionally the rib. Occasionally, scarring within the nose area requires the use of skin grafts to reopen a distorted and narrowed nasal airway.


Despite a surgeon’s best efforts, Rhinoplast revision has a higher revision rate than primary rhinoplast. You must know of this as no ethical plastic surgeon can guarantee the outcome of a rhinoplasty revision or any other cosmetic plastic surgical procedure for that matter.


To undergo a rhinoplast revision, the decision is a very personal one and remains yours to make at the end. Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has “connected” with you and earned your trust will offer the best chance of a successful outcome. Most patients who are unhappy with the outcome of primary rhinoplast are pleased with the final result from revision rhinoplast if they follow simple recommendations.


Charlotte’s best rhinoplast revision surgeon

If you are considering doing a rhinoplast revision, then make sure your board-certified plastic surgeon has substantial experience with rhinoplast. Dr. Sean Freeman is an experienced rhinoplast surgeon and the best in Charlotte, NC.  The nose structure is complex, more of a reason why you should go for the best. You can take a look at our website to see how many rhinoplast cases are in our photo gallery. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplast surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which is the best procedure for you, and how to proceed.