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Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty surgeon talks about the benefits of rhinoplasty

Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty surgeon talks about the benefits of rhinoplasty

Charlotte’s best rhinoplast surgery explains the benefits of rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty, also called a nose job is a surgical procedure used by skilled facial plastic surgeons like Dr. M. Sean Freeman to change the size, shape, function, or form of the nose.  The rhinoplast surgical procedure is used to provide patients a more cosmetically appealing nose and to help improve their self-image.  Dr. Freeman also performs this procedure to reconstruct the nose following trauma or injury.  He also corrects physical imperfections, breathing problems, and birth defects which may cause health issues. Rhinoplast is one of the most popular of the cosmetic surgery procedures.  Most patients who request a rhinoplast are female, however, even among men rhinoplast is the second most requested facial plastic surgery procedure.


The rhinoplast procedure

During a rhinoplasty, Dr. Freeman will remove cartilage and/or bone as necessary to reshape and reinforce the structure of the nose.  He will perform one of two types of procedures, either and closed or open rhinoplast.  Dr. Freeman can provide a new look to the patient’s nose and depending upon the desires of the individual patient, may reduce or increase the size of the nose or change the size or shape of the tip of the nose.  He may also remove a bump on the bridge of the nose or perform internal modifications to improve the function of the nose.


Closed rhinoplasty procedure

Dr. Freeman’s preferred surgical option and the most popular among his patients is the closed rhinoplast.  When Dr. Freeman does this procedure he makes tiny incisions inside the nose.  This type of rhinoplast result in scarring and an easier recovery.  The benefits of closed rhinoplast include reduced risk of infections or complications following surgery, lower risk of nasal tip swelling, reduced risk of edema and swelling after surgery, no external scars, and shorter surgery time.


Open rhinoplast procedure

Dr. Freeman uses the same stitches in the open rhinoplast procedure as he does in the closed procedure, as well as an additional incision across the base of the nose between the nostrils.  This additional incision allows Dr. Freeman better visibility into the internal structure of the nose.  Even those this incision is external, it typically heals well with very little scarring.


Revision rhinoplasty

When a patient is unhappy with the results of their rhinoplasty, Dr. Freeman is their best choice for fixing whatever it is they do not like.  Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplast surgeon performs more revision rhinoplasty procedures than anyone in Charlotte NC.  In fact, Dr. Freeman is considered the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the entire Southeast.  When a patient is unhappy with their rhinoplast results, they should call Dr. Freeman for a consultation and evaluation.  Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is the best choice for your rhinoplast surgery.

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