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For best rhinoplasty results, know what you want beforehand

For best rhinoplasty results, know what you want beforehand

Know what you want and how to get it

Preparing for a nose job or rhinoplasty involves not just taking care of yourself before and after the procedure, but knowing exactly what you want from the procedure and being able to describe it.

(The following are dramatizations.)



Kevin just wanted his nose straightened out. He had a badly deviated septum from an old injury, and his snoring was driving his poor girlfriend crazy. If the rhinoplasty actually made him look better, that was a plus.


For him, the hard part was preparing, for two reasons:

  • He had to quit smoking from a few weeks before the surgery until he was fully healed.
  • He had to learn to wear prescription contacts. It took him a while to adjust to sticking things in his eyes.


And then there was the recovery period — weeks of trying not to bring his nose into contact with anything, trying not to come into contact with anybody who could give him a cold or flu. But when he saw the results, he wondered why he hadn’t had it done years ago. (Also, he thought he looked better without his glasses, and now that the worst of the cravings were over he felt a lot healthier without cigarettes.)



Janice was interested in a nose job. She was also African-American, and not even especially light-skinned. One of her friends had gone to a surgeon and come back with a little ski-slope nose that would have looked a lot more normal on a white woman’s face. Janice wanted her nose to look different, but not in a way that would make it look less black. The question was going to be how to explain this to the surgeon in a way that didn’t come across like telling him how to do his job. She had the feeling there was going to be an argument.


It turned out there was no argument at all. The surgeon knew all about different standards of beauty within different communities. He also had a computer with 3D imaging software which he used to create a model of her face. It took a certain amount of tweaking, but she managed to get the model to look the way she pictured it in her mind.


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