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Is a Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon limited to nose jobs?

Is a Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon limited to nose jobs?

Surgeons are skilled in more areas than you think

They may look at a rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC as just a one-procedure surgeon, and because of this, many individuals only interpret this as their underlying form of cosmetic surgery. However, this is far removed from reality, and they do considerably more than this procedure alone.If you wish to learn what Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon does, keep reading.


Why do individuals want facial rejuvenation?

There are endless reasons for individuals experiencing plastic surgery. The most significant is for aesthetic purposes such as retouching their image, altering alleged shortcomings, or battling against the signs of aging.


Others, however, may have it for medical reasons. One or two individuals have it after a calamity to reduce the presence of scars or reconstruct the area of concern. People likewise call a Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon for other medical reasons, such as to correct a distorted septum. No matter what the reason for surgery, it is fundamental that you discover a facial plastic surgeon, you can depend on.


Facial plastic surgery procedures of Charlotte NC surgeons

The facial plastic surgeon does various operations since facial plastic surgery involves different surgical options. Some concentrate on enhancing sections, such as cheek or chin implants, while others may try to correct blemishes on the nose.


Diverse types of facial plastic surgery include a facelift, neck lift, and eyebrow lift. Eyelid surgery is likewise an option for individuals who have issues with excessive eyelids. Some plastic surgeons rely on Botox. However, these are not the appropriate solution. Dr. Freeman is a dual-certified facial plastic surgeon and does not rely on any injectable enhancement.


Will my Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon qualify?

Once you have established to have surgery in Charlotte NC, locate a facial plastic surgeon to perform it. You must discover a surgeon you depend on who possesses the skill to deliver the results you crave. To do this, review the history, and credentials, and be sure to check before and after photos.


By looking at their history, you will discover if they are competent to perform your surgery and how long they have been practicing. Board-certified surgeons have received supplementary instruction in their profession. You should also review the results that other subjects have got, as this is a positive gauge of what you can predict from your surgery.


First steps toward facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

It’s good to know that you have a Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon who can perform the surgery that’s right for you. However, not everyone is right for several reasons.


To be sure you do not go to a plastic surgeon who will not give you the best advice, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman, and then you will receive the best information from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.