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Is teen rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC, safe? Ask the top facial plastic surgeon

Is teen rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC, safe? Ask the top facial plastic surgeon

When is teen rhinoplasty appropriate?

Teen rhinoplasty may be appropriate for teens, in Charlotte NC, who feel that their noses are the cause of teasing or embarrassment. Having a nose that is misshapen, large, crooked, asymmetrical, wide, drooping, or otherwise unattractive can cause severe anxiety or even distress during teenage years. However, rhinoplasty surgery is not for everyone. Rhinoplasty is only appropriate for teens who are mature emotionally and have been able to take careful consideration to their motivations as well as all of the potential risks and consequences of going through this procedure.


For teens who are emotionally ready and desire a surgical correction, rhinoplasty can improve the proportional balance and appearance of the nose to help develop their self-confidence during this sensitive time in their lives.


Can your teen have a rhinoplasty?

Most surgeons agree that only necessary surgeries should be performed on teenagers, and they also agree that a parent should be present when conducting a rhinoplasty consultation. Many experienced surgeons recommend parental supervision even if their teenager is over the legal age of consent. Teens must take the time to carefully consider this procedure.


Also, girls who are looking to undergo the procedure should be at least 15, and boys should be 16; this is to ensure that their nose and facial features are finished growing. Your teen should wait for now if they don’t have good emotional maturity, motivation, or the necessary physical growth and should consider rhinoplasty in the future.


Is it safe?

As a parent, you may have some concerns about the rhinoplasty procedure affecting the growth of their face, especially since their bodies will go through many changes during their teenage years. When in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, the procedure is perfectly safe, providing that your teen doesn’t have underlying medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes.


Additionally, you will not have to be concerned about any complications when the procedure is finished if your teen is looking to get the surgery for any cosmetic reasons. However, if the procedure needs to be done for medical reasons, it will make things a little different, and your teen will need extra care. In any case, you can be sure that rhinoplasty is a safe procedure, and it is rare to see any complications.


Teen rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC: managing expectations

Teen rhinoplasty is a decision that should be made by your teenager if they are old enough to make such a decision. Nonetheless, be sure to allow your teen the chance to approach you with any questions that they have about the procedure while also trying to uncover the real reason they are interested in the surgery.


It can be challenging to encourage your teen to get a rhinoplasty procedure because they may not have the same concerns about how their nose will look after the surgery as you do. However, you can learn about the pros and cons with your teen about having rhinoplasty and support them through the whole process, no matter whether they decide to get the surgery or not.


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