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Know the basics of rhinoplasty

Know the basics of rhinoplasty

Understanding rhinoplasty

In 2015, nearly 218,000 nose reshaping procedures were performed. Not all of these were done for cosmetic reasons. Some of them were done to correct medical problems, such as deviations in the septum (the ridge of cartilage and bone between the nostrils) that can cause sleep apnea. In addition to straightening the septum, a nose job can smooth the contours of the nose, change the size and direction of the tip.


To alter the shape of the nose, the surgeon adjusts the cartilage and bone under the skin. If possible, the surgeon will usually do the incisions inside the nose in order to preserve the overall appearance of the face. This is called a closed rhinoplasty. If the surgeon needs to make an incision in the outside skin, he or she will most likely make it in the skin between the nostrils. This is an open rhinoplasty. In either case, no one should get a nose job until their nose is fully developed — 15 in girls and 17 in boys.


Sometimes a rhinoplasty is accompanied by a chin implant, to make the nose look smaller by comparison. In most surgeries, nasal packing shouldn’t be needed.


After the nose job

After surgery, you should stay inside and avoid anything strenuous for a little while. You can expect a certain amount of swelling, moderate bruising and maybe some temporary skin numbness. The bruising fades within a week to ten days, but the swelling can last for several weeks. There will be less swelling with a closed rhinoplasty than with an open one. If you don’t like the results, you may seek revision rhinoplasty to further improve your nose, but it is best to wait at least a year before doing this.


Finding a good rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte

When choosing a surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty, look for someone with a state-of-the-art operating suite for operations. Check the before and after photographs of nose jobs on his or her Web site, so you can get a sense of what to expect. Look for testimonials on sites like to find the best surgeon in your area. A good plastic surgeon nowadays should have computer imaging software to help you choose exactly the right look for your nose.


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