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Medical reasons for performing rhinoplasty surgery

Medical reasons for performing rhinoplasty surgery

What are the practical reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty surgery?

Popular tradition says that people get rhinoplasty to improve their appearance. While this is true, there are other, more practical reasons to get rhinoplasty.  Rhinoplasty is the formal medical name for what is commonly referred to as a nose job.  While it may seem easy to judge people when they get a rhinoplasty and think of them as shallow or vain about their physical appearance, often there are much deeper reasons when someone chooses rhinoplasty.   Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty surgeon tells us that many people opt for rhinoplasty surgery because of a legitimate medical need.  These include complications from a broken nose, deviated septum, recurring sinus infections, or major problems with snoring.


Improving the quality of life through rhinoplast

Some people may be hesitant to get rhinoplasty surgery because of what their family or friends may think.  With so many celebrities getting rhinoplast or other facial plastic surgery, it is easy to understand why some may fear how others will react to their decision to undergo rhinoplasty.  Dr. Freeman, who performs rhinoplast surgery at his Charlotte NC clinic, The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, performs more rhinoplast surgeries than anyonye else in the Southeast.  He recommends patients explain their reasons for rhinoplast surgery to their family and/or friends.  This should help them understand and realize the procedure is about improving health or perhaps self-confidence rather than about vanity.  Dr. Freeman also believes it is important for the patient to believe this as well.


Types of problems rhinoplast can solve

The rhinoplasty procedure can solve many types of problems.  Individuals who have trouble breathing may find that they benefit from rhinoplast.  This procedure can also help address snoring problems or breathing trouble when lying down.  If a patient has some type of physical deformity on the inside of their nose, rhinoplast can help correct the nasal structure.  This is particularly true if a patient has a deviated septum.  A deviated septum is caused by misaligned cartilage within the nasal structure.  This often makes breathing properly very difficult.  Rhinoplasty surgery can also address a broken nose and improve the patient’s ability to breathe properly.  It can also improve the appearance of the nose, something that is often required following a broken nose.   Rhinoplast surgery can also help resolve recurring sinus problems.  When the nasal passages or airway is blocked, sinus infections can become a recurring problem since airflow is inhibited within the nasal cavities.   Dr. Freeman can perform one of several procedures to widen the airway and make it easier for the patient to breathe.


Dr. Freeman is happy to meet with anyone considering rhinoplast surgery and discuss all of their options.  Give his clinic a call today to make a rhinoplast consultation appointment with Dr. Freeman.

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