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Most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte explains nose job dos and don’ts

Most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte explains nose job dos and don’ts

Rhinoplasty surgeon offers the best tips for nose surgery recovery

A rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte, NC, performs the operations under general anesthesia. You will not see the results immediately since they dress the nose after surgery. You might go home on the day of the procedure and then take care to heal well. Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon offers some tips for the recovery process.


Dos after nose surgery

The nose job procedure is fragile, and the results depend on the aftercare. Read on to learn some tips to aid with recovery.


  1. Rest and be patient

Achieving the perfect results will take time, and most patients feel impatient. While you want to flaunt your new look, it is necessary to wait until the nose is completely healed.


Rest is a critical part of the recovery process, so ensure you get enough of it. Enough rest ensures your body has enough energy for self-repair, hastening the recovery process.


  1. Take medication

After your surgery, the rhinoplasty surgeon will provide medication to help with recovery. The medicines aim at alleviating discomfort and preventing infection in the operated area. Taking your medication will ensure a smooth healing process.


  1. Raise your head while sleeping

Within the first few weeks of recovery, it is advisable to raise your head when sleeping. This sleeping position helps prevent bruising and swelling. To ensure a speedy recovery, you should sleep with head support for at least six weeks.


Don’ts after nose surgery

Here is what to avoid after nose surgery for the best recovery results:


  1. Avoid blowing your nose

Nasal congestion after a nose job is common due to inflamed tissues. Most patients find it hard to resist blowing the nose to wade away the discomfort, but you should try not to. Blowing your nose interferes with the healing process and might rapture the scars.


  1. Avoid sunlight exposure

Sunlight after nose surgery can cause swelling, increasing the risk of certain complications. The nose is still sensitive even after removing bandages, so exposure to the sun can cause discoloration. Avoid sunlight for the time being until the nose is completely healed.


  1. Avoid smoking

Smoking can be dangerous for nose job recovery, so you should avoid it completely. Nicotine in cigars restricts blood flow into the nose, affecting its healing. Harmful components in cigarettes also increase the risk of complications, so avoid them.


  1. Avoid wearing glasses

Glasses put pressure on the nose, which can cause extra swelling. Consider switching to contact lenses until you heal completely.


Follow top rhinoplasty surgeon tips

The most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte recommends adhering to the above tips for an easier healing process. You get to avoid complications for impressive nose job results. After it is completely healed, you can now flaunt your beautiful nose.


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