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Rhinoplasty after a facial injury

Rhinoplasty after a facial injury

Responding to a nasal injury

Usually, when a nose job or rhinoplasty is performed, it’s just to make the patient look better. The nose in question works perfectly well, but is a little too big, has kind of a hump in it, or has a tip that points the wrong way. But sometimes it’s done to repair an injury to the nose — most often a deviated septum. This can be caused by an injury in childhood, or during the process of childbirth. Or it can be caused by an injury that happened very recently.


It’s bad enough to grow up with a visibly crooked nose, but it’s even worse to have one when you aren’t used to it. When you get a broken nose and it isn’t set properly right away, you’ll probably want the resulting deviated septum fixed as soon as possible. Whether or not this can actually be done will depend on exactly what sort of injury this is. If the bones are displaced rather than broken, for example, a surgeon can do a closed reduction within a week of the injury. This doesn’t always work, and not every surgeon wants to do it. Only an experienced facial plastic surgeon can tell you if this will work in your case.


Most surgeons choose to wait

In most cases, when an injury to the nose has happened recently, a surgeon will choose to wait for the nose to heal completely before performing any surgery on it. The reason is that it’s hard for a surgeon to judge the condition of the nose when it’s still swollen and bruised, just as a patient can’t tell how well a nose job has gone until the swelling has gone down.


It will take at least four to six weeks for the swelling to subside, and may take longer. As in the case of recovery from a nose job, sleeping in a sitting position may reduce the swelling. The longer you let your nose heal before seeking a surgical remedy, the more certain both your surgeon and yourself can be of the results.


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