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Rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte performs nose surgery with chin augmentation

Rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte performs nose surgery with chin augmentation

Rhinoplasty expert can perform a rhinoplasty procedure with a chin augmentation

A rhinoplasty expert can combine different procedures, when possible, to decrease recovery time and achieve the desired results. Due to the harmony that is created afterward, one classic pairing that is commonly recommended is rhinoplasty surgery with a chin augmentation.


These two procedures are considered to be the most popular. A nose job procedure and chin augmentation and go well together, when performed at the same time you can have a natural-looking and balanced facial appearance.


Why this combination?

The relationship between the nose and chin, in most cases, will play a big role in how proportionate your face will be. Because of this, only having one of these procedures alone will not guarantee an outcome that is in proportion. This is the reason why have the two procedures performed at the same time can achieve a better result. When having a chin augmentation, the remodeling of the bone will normally guarantee better stability in the longterm. Also, healing would take place at the same time and reduce the recovery time.


Is it painful to go through both procedures at the same time?

To limit your pain during treatment, anesthesia can be given before your rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures. Also, you may be prescribed medication to reduce any pain after the procedure is complete.


Your surgeon will take every precaution necessary to reduce any pain during your surgery. You will be given guidance to help you prepare for every aspect of the procedure.


The effect of facial balance and symmetry

People tend to find it more attractive when the face is more symmetrical. There can be a negative impact on the aesthetics of the face when some of the features are out of proportion with the other features of the face. People will often notice this when looking at their nose, they will either think that it is too big or too small. However, sometimes they can have other features of their face that can impact their facial balance.


A poor projection of the chin may not be as noticeable as the size of the nose; however, this can still cause problems to the facial balance. To add projection to the chin, some patients who are a candidate for a nose job procedure can benefit from a chin augmentation. Both the balance and profile of your face will be improved with this combination and can provide better results than having one of these procedures on by itself.


Rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte NC can strengthen your profile

A rhinoplasty expert can help to achieve a strong facial profile, this is a significant factor in facial beauty. How aesthetically pleasing your profile is can be determined by the shape and angle of the nose and chin? The nose can stick out farther than it should, in some people, in relation to the chin. People can see this and think that a nose job is a solution, but the chin can be just as responsible. A combination of these two procedures from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon can improve the features of both the nose and chin and can achieve the best results overall.


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