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Rhinoplasty revision in Charlotte, NC and how it works

Rhinoplasty revision in Charlotte, NC and how it works

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that involves making physical adjustments to the nose, such as reshaping, and improving the function. Another common name for rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC, is a nose job. The person who performs the surgery is a nose job surgeon. A rhinoplasty is a second nose job surgery that is used to correct or improve a first one. People who are not happy with their first nose job or feel ineffective could do a revision rhinoplasty to correct it. Rhinoplasty should be conducted by a highly experienced surgeon, which is why residents come to Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, for their rhinoplasty revision. There are several things to look out for before finalizing the decision to have the revision surgery.

How to know if you are due for a revision rhinoplasty

People don’t just get revision surgery after their rhinoplasty unless something’s wrong. If you have previously had a nose job and you are contemplating getting a revision in Charlotte, NC, here are some things that have to be in check before you consider it:

  • If your nose does not function as it is ought to: After the first surgery, the nose takes some time to heal up, and after the recovery process, your nose should be functional as it is meant to. If, by chance, the nose does not recover as it is meant to be, there might be some difficulty in breathing. If that is so in your case, you should take the bold step of having a revision as breathing difficulties could be life-threatening.
  • Your nose does not fit into your face as you wish: If your reason for doing the surgery was for cosmetic purposes, probably your nose was too wide or flat, meaning you didn’t like the way it looked on your face. A nose job is intended to help you to improve the look and adjust your nose to shape. If you visit a nose job surgeon who is not skilled and experienced enough, you would most likely not be happy with the end product. That is why it is recommended that you visit Dr. Freeman of only faces for your nose job. If your first surgery was already discomforting, it is not too late to make adjustments. A revision is what you need.

Getting the best nose job surgeon in Charlotte, NC

As a resident of Charlotte, NC, and its surroundings, once you are ready to revise, it would be in your best interest to visit the best in the business. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to find which the best procedure for you is and how to proceed.