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Rhinoplasty specialist Charlotte: things a review might not tell you

Rhinoplasty specialist Charlotte: things a review might not tell you

Rhinoplasty specialist for your “perfect” nose

Rhinoplasty specialist can help patients correct, reshape or adjust their noses. However, perfect noses don’t exist. The completely symmetrical noses you’ve seen in magazines are often airbrushed and photoshopped to seem that way. What rhinoplasty reviews won’t tell you is that the purpose of a nose job in Charlotte isn’t to hunt perfection, but to boost the general appearance of your nose. Before undergoing a rhinoplasty, manage your expectations so you won’t be unnecessarily disappointed. The way your final results look depends on factors like your cartilage, the thickness of your skin, and also the nasal structures that you have. An expert facial surgeon also will make sure that your improvements fit your face for a harmonious outcome.


You may be initially disappointed when your new nose is revealed

Charlotte rhinoplasty reviews sometimes state that a patient was horrified by how their nose looked the day after surgery. Sometimes people write of their “review” long before seeing the final result. It can take weeks to months before the swelling goes down to reveal your beautiful results. Inflammation just after surgery is often significant, and as your nip and tuck recovery progress, changes will settle and refine where they must.


Right after surgery, the primary thing you may probably notice could be a change in profile, especially if you’ve had your nose bridge reduced. But other improvements won’t be fully appreciated. Don’t be discouraged! Don’t be in a hurry, wait, and hold off on judging until your surgeon tells you that the swelling has resolved. Most patients are delighted with the enhancements they see after their nose heals.


It’s possible to have an almost painless rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty specialists say that reviews will sometimes mention how uncomfortable patients found their recovery to be. Make certain to check general responses instead of specializing in individual anecdotes. Every person’s expectations, procedure, and recovery experience are different. While some people feel sensitivity and discomfort after surgery, many experiences little to no pain in the slightest degree. Swelling and pressure on the face can feel annoying. Most describe this as a brief inconvenience and not fun, but not overly painful either. An expert rhinoplasty surgeon will make sure that any inflammation is well managed which helps you know exactly what to expect so you don’t feel unnecessarily anxious.


Best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte

If you’ve been reading rhinoplasty surgeon reviews and you’re thinking of undergoing enhancement or nose revision surgery, we invite you to contact Dr. Sean Freeman, a facial plastic surgeon in the Charlotte area. Rhinoplasty is one of his specialties and Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon.