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Rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Sean Freeman, gives you the nose you want at Only Faces.

Rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Sean Freeman, gives you the nose you want at Only Faces.

Rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Sean Freeman: for your best nose ever:

Rhinoplasty, the medical term for a nose job, takes a highly-trained specialist like Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces in Charlotte.  If you want the Best Rhinoplasty Specialist in the Southeast, make a consultation with Dr. Freeman at Only Faces.  Read the patient testimonials, see real Before and After pictures, click on Dr. Freeman’s Curriculum Vitae (a new way of saying Life’s Work) and try to read ALL the amazing accomplishments of this rhinoplasty specialist.


The Rhinoplasty Specialist: what you need for a great nose job:

Today, with improved techniques and more accessibility, getting a nose job is more common than you think.  Most nose jobs are done for cosmetic reasons, not medical ones.  But, as doctors learn more about this large, protruding organ we call a nose, they are finding that rhinoplasty may help with medical issues as well.  If you have a nose that does not work like it should, due to genetics or life experience, you can be sure your medical bills will go up.  Our noses perform a most vital job:  they bring in the clean oxygen our lungs need to keep the rest of our bodies in top form.  Not enough oxygen= not enough fuel to keep us healthy and fit.

So, should you go to a facial plastic surgery facility like Only Faces to get a nose job for medical reasons?  Isn’t that a place for cosmetic surgery?  Well, if you want the best rhinoplasty specialist in the Southeast, the answer is yes!  Dr. Freeman is double-board certified by the American Medical Association and the American Board of Otolaryngology (ENT). Two years in a row, the online forum Real Self-named him Top Doctor, meaning that real people, not other medical professionals, voted him as their choice for Top Rhinoplasty Expert.  If, during your consultation, you discover that Dr. Freeman is not available on the exact day you would like, don’t think it is because he has a hammock waiting in Maui.  More than likely, he is traveling to a major medical school or conference to teach others about his latest development.


When you want your money to pay for more than just a nose job:

Even though we have discussed the medical reasons to get a nose job, most people get one for cosmetic reasons.  And insurance doesn’t pay for that.If you are researching this site to decide if a nose job is a good way to spend your hard-earned money, you are the patient Dr. Freeman truly appreciates. You are not afraid to ask real and honest questions, and neither are you afraid to hear real and honest answers to those questions. You have probably heard or read about the “nose job gone bad,” and you worry that it may happen to you. You wonder if your nose job will be obvious or if will people scratch their heads, wondering what is different.  You want to know about more than just the end result because you realize that this procedure requires patience and healing.  You are just the patient Only Faces loves to serve.

Remember these two words: BALANCE and HARMONY.  These two words aren’t listed on his Curriculum Vitae, but they are at the heart of his life’s work.  He and his staff urge you to be honest with yourself with this question:  do you want a rhinoplasty surgeon who is going to take the picture you bring in and say, “Yes, I will give you that!”? Or do you want a caring rhinoplasty specialist who will study your entire face, showing you, teaching you, how all of it works together and how he can adjust it to make it fit together more perfectly?


Balance and Harmony.  A nose job or a rhinoplasty procedure to improve your entire face, the choice is yours.  Because the most important face is yours.  Isn’t it nice to know that someone out there agrees?

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.