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Teen rhinoplasty surgeons in Charlotte NC can improve a teen’s nose shape

Teen rhinoplasty surgeons in Charlotte NC can improve a teen’s nose shape

Teen rhinoplasty surgeons help teens love their nose shape

Teen rhinoplasty surgeons, in Charlotte NC, work with teens to improve their nose shape. When you think about a nose job, if you are like most people, you typically picture an older adult getting one. The good news for teens is that it isn’t too early to have a nose surgery. It takes an experienced professional in Charlotte, NC to determine what kind of surgery to carry out and whether you or your teen could benefit. Learn more about this important procedure.


Who can get a nose surgery?

Cosmetic surgeons work with people with all kinds of nose structures to improve the shape of the nose. Nobody gets to choose the nose they are born from. For many people, the hump of the nose, angle of the tip, or shape of the nostrils have made them feel self- conscious. These are just some of the examples of situations when a nose job may help.


If you are a teen or have a teen who is unhappy with their nose, it may be time to consider a teen rhinoplasty. To qualify for this procedure, most surgeons require that girls be over the age of 15 years and boys be over the age of 17 years.


The teen years come with a lot of challenges of their own. These are the years that self-image issues can start to surface and children become more aware of their looks and level of attraction. Any issues around the shape of one’s nose can impact self-esteem and, in many cases, they also lead to bullying.


Getting a nose surgery or rhinoplasty revision has been life-changing for many. We come across many stories who had their nasal hump reduced or the projection of their nose tip changed. They tell about how the successful procedure gave them a “new” nose and the appearance they only dreamed of. The experience can boost one’s confidence tremendously and for many, it has given them a new lease on life.


Besides the cosmetic benefits of getting work done on your nose by one of the well-known teen rhinoplasty surgeons, there are other health benefits. For those who experience some breathing challenges due to the shape of their noses, this surgical procedure can also help to open up the airspaces and eliminate this issue.


Consult an experienced surgeon

If you or your child is considering a nose job, you probably have many questions. Talking to teen rhinoplasty surgeons is the best way to get advice about how and if you are a good candidate for the surgery. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.