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Teen rhinoplasty surgery is the most requested cosmetic procedure by teens

Teen rhinoplasty surgery is the most requested cosmetic procedure by teens

Teen rhinoplasty surgery is the cosmetic procedure more often requested by teens

The number one facial plastic surgery procedure requested by teenagers is teen rhinoplasty surgery.  This procedure makes up more than 45 percent of all teen plastic surgery procedures.  More than 35,000 teenagers get rhinoplasty surgery every year.


Since our nose is at the center of our face, it receives quite a bit of attention.  Our nose is hard to miss when we look in the mirror, so if we are unhappy with the shape or size of our nose, that unhappiness is reinforced each and every time we see ourselves.  This can have a truly negative impact on a teen’s self-esteem.


Teen rhinoplasty surgery with Charlotte’s best teen rhinoplasty surgeon.

Dr. M. Sean Freeman is a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon.  He has more than twenty years’ experience performing the most complex facial plastic surgery procedures on his patients.  Dr. Freeman specializes in rhinoplasty surgery, performing more of these procedures than anyone else in Charlotte NC.


Before deciding on teen rhinoplasty, Dr. Freeman will meet with the teen and their parents for an initial consultation appointment.  During this appointment, Dr. Freeman will discuss with the teen exactly what their goals are for the rhinoplasty surgery.  It is important to Dr. Freeman that the teen understands the realistic expectations for this surgery.  Honest communication between the teen, their parents, and Dr. Freeman makes the entire teen rhinoplasty process proceed much more smoothly and is of the utmost importance.  The teen should want rhinoplasty surgery for the right reasons and their parents should be supportive of their wishes.


The purpose for teen rhinoplasty surgery

Some teens desire teen rhinoplasty surgery to fix structural issues with the nose, such are repair a deviated septum or fix breathing problems.  Other may want to improve the shape or size of their nose to increase their self-esteem.  Dr. Freeman can help teenage patient get the nose they want to boost their self-confidence and be pleased with their appearance.


Common teen rhinoplasty procedures

Most teen rhinoplasty procedures will address some physical features of the nose.  This includes removing a hump, reshaping the tip of the nose, straightening the bridge, changing the size of the nose, or increasing or reducing the size of the nostrils.  Teen rhinoplasty surgery can also correct injuries and return the nose to its proper appearance or the surgery can repair breathing passages or a deviated septum.  Dr. Freeman believes a teen’s nose should be fully formed and its adult size before rhinoplasty surgery should be performed.  This is typically around age 14 to 16 for females and between ages 16 and 18 for males.  Many teens decide to undergo rhinoplasty surgery during the summer so that they are completely healed when school starts in the fall.


Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon is the best in the business.  He will be happy to meet with the teen and their parents to discuss rhinoplasty surgery, so give him a call today at his clinic in Charlotte NC, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.