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Understanding revision rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC: Call the top nose surgeon

Understanding revision rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC: Call the top nose surgeon

Understanding why revision rhinoplasty may be needed

Revision rhinoplasty is a corrective procedure used to rectify functional or aesthetic concerns caused by an unsatisfactory rhinoplasty procedure, helping the patient achieve the goals that wereinitially desired in the first place. When you’ve had a nose job and were not satisfied with the results, then it’s time to find the top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte to do the rhinoplasty right this time.


Rhinoplasty is considered as one of the most complicated procedures that are performed today. Because of this, several unrealized expectations or issues can occur when the procedure is done by an unqualified or inexperienced physician or if your body heals in a manner that wasn’t expected.


How common is revision rhinoplasty?

Not only does rhinoplasty reshape the nose to look better, but it is also essential for your surgeon to be aware of how your nose functions. Any alterations to your nose’s structure can potentially have a profound impact on how you breathe. It’s always best to select an experienced surgeon who can perform functional surgery on your nose and address any underlying issues to the sinus or septum. It’s important to consider that even the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons will have a revision rate; this is often because of unexpected complications during surgery or during the healing process. Some problems may not be anticipated before your procedure and are not revealed until the surgery has started.


Sometimes a revision is requested, not because of any fault of the surgeon or because of any complications, but because the patient wasn’t satisfied. Some patients expect a complete transformation to their appearance after their rhinoplasty procedure. This is why other techniques such as chin implants or cheek augmentation may also be recommended for patients trying to see a better facial proportion. Other patients can feel let down because they are not used to the unfamiliar faces they see when looking in the mirror. Rhinoplasty can take some getting used to, so patients shouldn’t request a revision right away.


How long should you wait before having a revision rhinoplasty?

It is advised that you wait until all the swelling has gone down after your surgery has been completed; this can take between six months to a year to happen. The swelling may go down at different rates in different areas of your nose, depending on what the initial surgery addressed. For example, the swelling in the bridge of your nose may go down faster than the swelling at the tip of your nose. As a result, you may be led to believe that your rhinoplasty wasn’t a success because there’s a noticeable fullness in the tip of your nose, whereas all the other parts of your nose havegone down. However, what may be happening is that there’s some residual fullness that is still present in the tip of your nose, and after the swelling has gone down completely, your nose may appear exactly as you had hoped.


Revision rhinoplasty in CharlotteNC

If you’re thinking of having revision rhinoplasty, you should ensure that your surgeon has substantial experience with rhinoplasty surgery. Experienced surgeons are more likely to have patients seeking a revision. Look through your prospective surgeon’s website to get an idea of how many rhinoplasty surgeries they have done by looking through their photo gallery.


Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

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