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Why is a Charlotte, NC rhinoplasty specialist in demand?

Why is a Charlotte, NC rhinoplasty specialist in demand?

Do you know men also like facial plastic surgery?

A rhinoplasty specialist is busy tending to the needs of facial cosmetic surgery on middle-aged women. This helps regain a youthful look.


Nevertheless, matters are changing, and so are the widespread needs of individuals who seek facial plastic surgery with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.According to polls men quote, they are considering cosmetic surgery. Results suggest men interested in facial cosmetic surgery are millennial’s. It can sound overwhelming, but the incentives are frank. Read on to find out about how a rhinoplasty specialist may help.



Why do men want Charlotte, NC, rhinoplasty?

There are several reasons; men are turning to a rhinoplasty specialist and different processes. Here are the top grounds cited by the bulk of patients.


  • The number one reason is to raise self-confidence in younger males who seek to experience any proceedings, comprising surgical possibilities. Men feel that an operation will deliver a sense of happiness with an improved appearance.


  • Almost 25% of guys among the ages of 18 and 24 mentioned various motivations. Nevertheless, facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC theorize social media influence such menabout their determination to meet Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon.


  • The principal motivation for men between the ages of 25 and 34 was to remain competitive inside the personnel once they think looking younger will deliver business people the feeling they are excellent choices for new posts or promotions.


  • Reduced looks of fatigue and stress are other standard features; most men indicated long hours of employment and engaged way of life leave them looking older than they are.


  • Pleasing partners was the most unusual motivation given byCharlotte, NC millennial males. When undergoing cosmetic processes, people aged 25-34 many times said they desired these proceedings to raise their chances of encountering a partner.


Most common procedures in plastic surgery?

Although there are several other procedures, men ask about their bodies. They come to Charlotte, NC, just to look for facial surgery procedures with Dr. Freeman.


The rhinoplasty specialist is double board certified and has spent countless years dedicated to this form of plastic surgery.

Men request very similar procedures as women do and can include the two most common.


  • Rhinoplasty is the number one procedure among millennial men. This falls in line with the number of processes that women undergo.
  • Otoplasty pins back the ears to make them sit along the side of the head more. This is more common in men than it is in females.



Social acceptance of facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC

The significant impact, which leads millennial people to plastic surgeons’ offices, can be the extensive alteration of stances to rhinoplasty or other procedures.


It is driving males who desire to feel good in themselves, remain competitive in the workforce, and seek (or keep) partners. They contemplate cosmetic surgery, which they may not have considered several years ago.If you fit into any of the above or you are considering any facial plastic surgery.It is advisable to consult with Dr. Freeman the local rhinoplasty specialist over the phone before you go too far into the process.


He can quickly answer all your questions on the phone, and will then determine the best time for you to visit the Only Faces clinic for your initial face-to-face consultation.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.