The top teen rhinoplasty surgeon is ready to help you and your teen make a decision about nose job surgery. During this particular season, it’s a great time to get nose surgery.

More teens are having cosmetic procedures than ever before, and their motivations for doing so are often different from that typical adult patient. A teen rhinoplasty surgeon needs to understand teenage patients to better evaluate their emotional and physical maturity before consenting to perform any elective operation.

Why do teenagers need rhinoplasty?

Teenagers often demonstrate the desire to have plastic surgery because they feel different and socially unaccepted among their peers. Often, bullying can lead to a teen wishing for plastic surgery. The major difference between the motives behind adult and teen rhinoplasty surgery is that adults tend to want to stand out from the crowd; teenagers want to fit in and look similar to everyone else. It’s important for any teen requesting surgery to understand this since they may come to appreciate their natural, unique characteristics in their adult years.

Medical journals recommend that it is important for the teen rhinoplasty surgeon to note that the teen is requesting the surgery—not the parent—and that this desire for surgery has stuck over an extended period. In other words, ensure that the idea to have a cosmetic procedure is not just a whim, especially if the patient is under 18.

The ideal teenage patient should be mature enough to tolerate the pain and discomfort that comes with surgery. Erratic teens, those prone to mood swings, those suffering from depression, or those who abuse drugs or alcohol should not have plastic surgery.

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